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  • Nano-Reef Newsletter

    Expanding on some of the sections included in the book, the Nano-Reef Newsletter features some of the topics that are discussed in more detail.

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  • Nano Reef Aquariums

    Everything in the book is explained in “far more detail” than what is found anywhere else, including in books currently on the Market, books that were introduced recently, or in the ones that have been around for a while.

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  • Total Nutrition Powder

    Sold in Packets of 20 capsules. The food is used once a week, 1 capsule per 20 gallons of water in the tank (75 liters) and added in an area with strong water movement so it spreads well over the entirety of the Nano or Reef Tank.

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  • Critter LED Torch

    Most fish and critters do not have a visual pigment that is sensitive to RED light, and this is the most effective way for viewing the tank on a nighttime without alerting the inhabitants, letting you see the true nightlife that happens inside your reef.

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  • Coral LED Torch

    Been able to check your coral purchases / swaps / interests should be a right before buying, with this cool handy little torch - just point and shoot at your future coral to check the coral fluorescent protein (CRP) in each coral.

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The goal of the book is to provide Hobbyists with very detailed information, and I mean really detailed information, on everything that has to do with Nano-Reefs and to Reefs in general. In fact it is the most complete reference book on anything Nano-Reef that will be on the market.

~ Albert Thiel (nanoreefblog.com interview)