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Without a doubt, Nano Reef Aquariums is set to become the most important bit of literature for our niche within reefkeeping. Make sure you save (a large) space for it on your bookshelf.
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Nano Reef Aquariums A Comprehensive Guide for the Nano Reef Hobbyist by Albert J. Thiel is one book that is certainly beneficial to the beginner nano-keeper; however, this book is also just as appeasing to experienced hobbyists alike!
For the beginner, you can start with the list of what’s required in order to create your miniature reef, but that’s not all!
I like that Albert Thiel is upfront and very detailed when it comes to expressing maintenance and the husbandry required to keep a healthy nano system. Using personal examples from his own nano-reef and proving detailed information on mechanical and biological filtration, and more, this comprehensive guide is a “must have” for one to get started.
This guide provides an “illustrated” in-depth stocking list for fish, inverts, and corals that is useful to both beginners and experienced nano-reef keepers. The illustrated guide goes further to explore hitch hikers and pests and how to deal with them should they appear. And, if that is not enough, Albert provides numerous links for where to find additional information on all of the above which is useful to both the beginner and the experienced.
This illustrated book also provides the reader with an ongoing newsletter that will be published to update and complement the guide. This author is also quite unique, as he makes himself available to his readers through email, various forums, and through the publisher.
Go ahead, contact him, you will not be disappointed! ~ R. Rempel, B.C. Canada

Nano Reef Aquariums is a great book and read no doubt about it. When I received my pre publication version I tried to read it as both a beginner (difficult though that maybe lol) and as an experienced reefkeeper.  I have and will continue to learn from this book and I am sure when I get to read it properly and not just gloss over it I will learn much more. Of course parts of the book are basic but then so what it needs to be as we all had to start somewhere.
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Thank you!!!!! You are so kind !!! it (the book) arrived today !! Thank you for what you wrote :) I will “eat” the book pretty fast. I hope it will be a good occasion to realize my planning of a nano after so many years without “wet salt hands”. I miss it. ~ Niccolò Righini, Italy

This is a great book for new and old reefers. It is very easy to read and full of information. It is MUCH better than trying to learn from reading forums (where most of the information is contradictory or just flat out wrong) ~ Kevin Tracey

This book is jam packed with great information! Not only for nano reefers but any size tank. Albert covers any and every problem you could have in detail which can be understood by everyone. Very informative and an easy read. This will be my “go to” book. I totally agree with you about the hermit crabs! ~ Debbie Lawton

Just finished reading it last night – really good job.~ Stuart Seemungal

Just purchased your e-book on nano reef.  Great read.  Wish I had the book when I first started the hobby 5 years ago. ~ Claudacate

Thanks so much, I’ve been reading your newsletter and it’s full of so much useful info it’s great. I don’t own a reef tank yet but have been doing my research for nearly a year now, would have got my feet wet awhile ago but when my girlfriend became pregnant I thought it best to hold off for awhile until the baby was born and we adjusted to our new life caring for our precious little girl.

So in the mean time I’ve been buying books and reading as much info as I can so when the time comes I’ll have a better understanding and your book and newsletters are amazing and have given me so much already.

Look forward to reading more of your newsletters and anything else you may publish in the future. Thank you for all your hard work to help others have a better understanding of keeping reef aquariums.

~ Josh, Australia.

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