Perhaps one of the easiest SPS corals for the beginning Hobbyist to work with and maintain successfully in their Nano-Reef, and grow,  and even frag after a while, is the so-called Cactus Coral, one of the Pavona species but, in general, all of them fall in the easy to care for successfully category.

They are not very demanding on lighting conditions and will do just fine under non-LED lighting or high end set-ups that use specialized fluorescent tubes such as T-5’s or the more intense T-5HO’s. In fact they can be maintained with some of the most affordable light sources around nowadays: CFL/CFT spiral bulbs as shown below.


Depending on the size of the Nano, one can add either one or two of these bulbs using the ones that are rated at 6500 Kelvin degrees, or higher (there is a 7000 K one available as well but it is not as easy to come by as the 6500 K one).

Finding these bulbs is not difficult at all as some of the Big Box DIY Stores and larger Lighting Stores carry them. Another advantage of CFT Bulbs for Nano Reefs and for use with corals that are not demanding on lighting conditions, is that they are very inexpensive. In fact a two pack can be bought at a DIY stores for around $10.00 (± £6.5 ). You should not have to replace them because of spectrum loss for 10 or more months, depending on how long your photoperiod is (a shorter one will make the bulbs last longer0.

The type to get are the ones that are rated at 23 Watt (which is equivalent to the output of a 100 Watt regular bulb). Below is a picture of some Pavona Cactus frags that have grown from really to small pieces to what you see below:


To be continued