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Why are we publishing the Nano-Reef Newsletter?

  • Expand on some of the sections included in the book, as some of the topics can be discussed in greater detail, but were kept to a reasonable length so the overall size of the book would stay around 440-450 pages
  • Provide information on new “best practices” that are getting traction in the hobby, and comments on why they are gaining wider acceptance, as well as provide more detailed information about them, what they will or can achieve
  • Add “totally new” information because not enough complete and reliable one was available on them at the time I wrote the Book, or because they may have been considered anecdotal at that time
  • Discuss other methods that exist to run Nano-Reefs. This may include methods that are new, or some that have been around but that are perhaps not widely used any longer, even though they can be set up to maintain a very healthy Nano-Reef
  • Cover topics suggested by Hobbyists who communicated about them with me and requested that they be included in the Newsletter
  • Explore new techniques that may be worthwhile investigating in more detail
  • Offer differing opinions on some of what was covered in the book (Devil’s Advocate Approach)
  • Add interesting pictures of Nano-Reefs and life forms kept in them. This could be FTS’s or detailed views of aquarium sections, and/or sumps, refugiums, equipment used and more

How often will the Newsletter published?
About every 2 weeks, for a total of 25 issues per year. Issues are sent to those who are entitled to them because they own a copy of my  book, and have requested to receive it by emailing me at the address listed on page 3 of the book. However If the book was purchased directly from us there is no need to request it, as we have your email address already.

How many pages will each Newsletter be made up of?
There is not a set number. The actual number of pages will depend on what topics are covered and on what amount of writing is needed to cover them in enough detail. So not all issues will have the same number of pages.

Who will contribute to the Newsletter?
Articles will be mostly by myself but, at times, articles from others will be included as well. There will also be a Devil’s Advocate Contributor, not the BlackFriar, as many who have been around for a while know who that is, but a different Advanced Hobbyist. She will take interesting “views” on practices that are accepted in the Hobby, and make you think some more about some of them.

What format will the Newsletter be sent out in?
All newsletters will be in PDF format so everyone can easily read them and even print them out if they wish.

Recipients of the Newsletter are welcome to send me suggestions for articles and topics for inclusion in the Newsletter.

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