Below are the instructions to follow and when I see that you filled out the info I will approve it and you can then login in as outlined below :

Since you now ordered/own a copy of the  ”printed” Nano-Reef Aquariums you are also getting a one year free set of Newsletters

Instead of sending them as attachments to emails because they are sometimes quite large, I will be posting them to the new Thiel Aqua Tech Web site: where you can then download them from. Each time a new one comes out you will get a short email telling you so.

However to access the Archived and New Newsletters you must subscribe to the Web Site Newsletter Section. Below are the instructions on how to do so:

- Log in to the website
- Click on Newsletter (top right page selection) drop down menu and click on Sign up
- Click on Current member (Free) “Sign up” on the new page that comes up
- Fill in the Create Account info and make sure the email you list is the one I have on record
- The invite code you need to fill in is … currentreader (in one word)
- Click on Register my Account

- Doing so will send me a message, allowing me to compare your email to what I have on record, and if they match, approve you request. If I do not have that email on record I will not approve. If approved the system will send you a message that will confirm that you are registered

- Now log back in to the site, and on the top left of the main page click on Login
- Fill in your username and password
- On the next page, at the top left, the drop down menu will show “Newsletter Archives”, click on it and you will see all the issues which you can download

- That drop down also has a profile info section and you should fill in your full name as a minimum. And as I said the email you use must be the one I have on file, which is the one you used when you paid for the book, or that I have if you obtained the book from a different source and I was sent your email.