The combined Issues 19 & 20 of the “Nano-Reef Aquariums” Newsletter is 19 pages, and deals entirely and exclusively with Mantis Shrimp, both Smashers and Spearers.

It contains more information on those Stomatopods than what you will find in any other article or even in sections of books that include information of Mantis Shrimp.

Behavior, care, nutrition, disease, interesting facts you should know, do’s and don’ts, cautions, compatibility, molting, setting up their tank, their burrow, substrate to be used, many images with ID, and a lot more still, including links to Videos that illustrate some of what is covered and more.

The Newsletter is normally only available to those who own a printed copy of my Nano-Reef Aquariums Book, but because of the great deal of interest expressed by many Hobbyists on the Forums that I participate in, if you do not own a copy of my Book, you can obtain a copy of it by making a payment of $ 5.00 to my Paypal Account [email protected]

And as a SPECIAL for Black Friday till Cyber-Monday end of day, you can obtain the newsletter for only $ 3.00 (pay to the same Paypal account).

This is a great opportunity to learn a lot more about Mantis Shrimp and obtain the information needed to successfully keep them if you are thinking about acquiring one, or already own a Mantis.

The Special expires Monday at 11:59 pm.