Total Nutrition Powdered Food

The next step in Phytoplankton feeding.

foodMany Hobbyists maintain Corals and even fish that require planktonic food as part of their nutrition from time to time. Often they will purchase liquid nutrition mixtures that contain phytoplankton, but also a lot of other ingredients that are not foodstuff, but mostly preservatives and other non-needed additives, compounds that not only will accumulate over time in their reefs, but even though they are added to what you purchase, lead to the liquid foods going bad (putrefying) even when placed in the fridge, which is the recommendation that most of them carry on their label.

I am sure if you have purchased and used such foods, that because most of the time they come in large sizes, and because you only use little at a time, you end up storing the remainder in the fridge, only to find out that after a certain amount of time (often shorter than you expected), the liquid in the container starts to smell really foul and basically needs to be discarded, meaning a loss of money for you.

Using Total Nutrition Powder from Daphbio France, which I import in capsules, eliminates all of the above, while providing superior nutrition for your corals, and even for some of your fish that consume the powder (the Mandarin Fish is just one example, and so are other fish that need only feed on very small particles).

Besides fish and LPS and SPS corals that require such food, many soft corals need that same kind of nutrition.

The capsules contain all the needed ingredients for all of those animals, and since the content comes in dry form there is no need to add any preservatives or other ingredients that are unwanted, and of course there is no need either to place them in the fridge either.

This leads to a far easier way to provide the needed phytoplankton to your lifeforms, and also to the fact that the food will not go bad, and saves money, even when kept in a regular storage place, as there is no need to place them in a Fridge .

So what does Total Nutrition from Dahpbio provide:

Protein, desirable Fat substances, Carbohydrates, Fiber (and a good quantity of the needed one), Minerals your corals and fish need, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, a tiny bit of iron, a number of Vitamins that are either naturally present or have been added to enhance the usefulness and completeness of the food (A, B, B1, B2, B12, C, E, and other ingredients such as Arginine, Histidine, Lysine and a number of others that make Total Nutrition really totally deserving of its name “Total” …

Contains no preservatives (they are not needed), no binders, no artificial coloring, no non needed additives, nothing that is not natural.

Sold in Packets of 20 capsules. The food is used once a week, 1 capsule per 20 gallons of water in the tank (75 liters) and added in an area with strong water movement so it spreads well over the entirety of the Nano or Reef Tank. The capsule itself is not used. It only serves as the container to hold the powder. Can be added directly to the Tank in a high flow area or to your sump if you have one. The first time you use Total Nutrition use 1/2 of the recommended dose and after that use the recommended amount for the size of your Nano/Reef.

Comes with a complete set of very detailed instructions. Totally safe for all life forms in your tank, even the most delicate ones.

The next step in Phytoplankton feeding.

Another unique product from Thiel Technologies LLC.